Is Ceed right for me?

How would it feel to have someone guide you back to full fitness when and where it suits you?

Is ceed right for me?

Do you often lose motivation because of lack of support, knowledge or progress?

Is ceed right for me?

Imagine having 24/7 access to your Physio without having to wait for appointments?

Is ceed right for me?

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How CEED can help you:

At CEED Injury Rehab we focus and promise that your experience, outcomes and support will not only surpass any care you have had before but will give you your time back, educate you and open up communication pathways that aren’t available today to create the most elite results in injury rehabilitation and further injury prevention.

It is no secret that as people we are getting busier and trying to fit more into our lives and constantly trying to find balance is hard and when an injury is part of that equation adding more stress to an already stressful situation can lead to negative physical, mental and behavioural outcomes.

At CEED we are filling the holes that are evident in today’s rehabilitation service and offering a service that can’t be matched while putting our patients first and focusing on results, personal attention and support networks while keeping ourselves accountable to your outcomes.

When injury occurs, the reality is we have the following issues:

  • Waiting times for appointments
  • Traveling to appointments taking time away from your day
  • Taking time off work to attend appointments
  • Lack of accountability and communication
  • Lack of understating or education of injury and contributing factors that caused it
  • No distinct diagnosis or time periods associated with rehab length
  • Lack of quality care and advice
  • High percentage of re injury

At CEED, we have developed a service that is being conducted globally that ensures:

  • You obtain immediate attention and advice
  • You receive the attention and information when are where you need it
  • Your time is yours, no more traveling or leaving work/school early
  • You have the ability to communicate with your personally assigned Physio every single day as often as you need to.
  • You totally understand the reasons for your injury through an in-depth diagnosis that you receive along with a game plan outlying the length of the rehab and the linear progress of your rehab
  • We take responsibility in your outcome and ensure the service, advice and information you are obtaining is of the highest level.
  • Preventing further injury

We emphasize the importance of the client experience. The service, the education and the outcomes provided by passionate and experienced Physiotherapists to surpass your expatiations. From day one our vision is to create a culture that ensures clients meet and surpass their desired outcomes with the daily support of their Physio anywhere at any time. Using the most scientific methods and rehab phasing to encourage quick and safe recovery while promoting further injury prevention while providing the most bespoke rehabilitation, injury prevention phasing and programming and personalised attention to each and every client regardless of demographic location via our online platforms.

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