"I’m already time poor due to work demands, I don’t have the time to be injured. How can CEED conduct my rehab without me needing to take time off to attend appointments? "

“I need the correct diagnosis, daily support and rehab advice immediately that will get me back to full fitness asap while preventing me getting injured again. Can CEED help? ”

“I have recently given birth and am a full-time mum in need of support and guidance to recover from labour. I need my recovery to be a priority, so I can be the best mum I can be. Can CEED give me the support I need in the comfort of my home while my baby sleeps?”

“My surgeon wants me to start rehab immediately post-operative. I can’t drive and getting to appointments will be difficult. Can CEED provide me with the rehab and support I need at home while updating my surgeon on my progress? ”

“I have recently retired and want to remain active although I’m aware my body isn’t what it used to be. Can CEED help me live my retirement to its fullest? ”

“Taking my child out of school early and trying to get time off work to attend appointments is becoming a stressful task. Can CEED keep my child accountable to their daily rehab while updating parents, coaches and teachers of the progress?”

“Our organisation recognises the importance of employee wellbeing and support. Can CEED supply consistency of care, attention to detail, accountability and structured timelines of rehab for all levels of employees and clients throughout our organisation. ”

The CEED Solution

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Waiting times for personalised injury rehab

Convenient accessibility through the app to attain your high quality, personalised programming and regular support regardless of location, schedules or travel commitments.

Time and money wasted travelling to and from appointments

We completely remove the issue of time, travel expense and work absence as we eliminate the need to travel to appointments.

Taking time off work due to injury

Using the most scientific methods and rehab phasing we encourage quick and safe recovery while promoting further injury prevention reducing absence from work.

Lack of accountability, care and communication from physiotherapists.

At CEED our mission is to provide the most bespoke rehabilitation, injury prevention phasing, programming and personalised attention to each and every client regardless of geographic location every day – all at your fingertips

Lack of detailed diagnosis or lengthy rehab

Our CEED physiotherapists provide you with a detailed diagnosis report outlining Game plan and time frames. Patients know what's expected and what to do every day while be guided and monitored of their daily progress.

Re-injury of same body part

CEED recognise the importance of our client’s wellbeing and understand that consistency of care, attention to detail, accountability and structured timelines of rehab are important to everyone. We pride our self on our service, our results and attention to care thus leading to the quickest and safest injury rehab and further injury prevention.


How Can We Help You?

Tell us who you are so we can help with a customised service.

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Would you like service that takes responsibility for your outcomes and guides you through your entire rehabilitation process?

At CEED we observed that the servicing and prevention of injuries could be vastly improved by using a much more personalised, educated and monitored approach.

Using the latest technology available to us the mission at CEED is to provide the most bespoke rehabilitation, injury prevention phasing, programming and personalised attention to each and every client regardless of geographic location every day – anytime anywhere

It is no secret that people are getting busier and trying to fit more into their days and its hard to constantly try to find balance. When an injury is part of that equation. Adding more stress to an already stressful situation can lead to negative physical, mental and behavioural outcomes.

At CEED we are filling the holes that are evident in today’s rehabilitation servicing and offering a service that can’t be matched as we put our patients first and focus on results, personal attention and support networks that are sustainable, enjoyable and trackable as we work together towards the end goal.

CEED ensures:

  • You obtain immediate attention and advice
  • You receive the attention and information you require when are where you need it
  • Your time is yours, no more travelling or leaving work/school early
  • You have the ability to communicate with your personally assigned Physio every single day as often as you need to.
  • You totally understand the diagnosis and predisposing factors for your injury through your in-depth diagnosis that you received along with a game plan outlying the length and linear progress of your rehab
  • We take responsibility in your outcomes and ensure the service, advice and information you are obtaining is of the highest level
  • Preventing further injury
    Our promise and values

    We think service

    We focus on providing the best customer experience that create the best outcomes. Get the support, attention to detail and daily guidance that will see your rehabilitation a success in the quickest and safest time frames.

    Our promise and values

    We have passion

    Your goals are our goals. Creating the best outcomes involves being passionate about what we do.

    Our promise and values

    We provide quality

    A professional service for professional outcomes. Don’t settle for just a service- demand the best service and care that’s available that you deserve and ask questions along the way.

    Our promise and values

    We take responsibility

    Our Physiotherpaists lead the way. We don’t just give you the info and tools to be successful, we are with you every step of the way guiding you.

    Our promise and values

    We create outcomes

    Surpassing your expectations. Let us demonstrate how our service is taking rehab and injury prevention to that next level.

    "Lateral ankle sprains are far to common especially in females and adolescence. Injuries like this can be avoided with the correct diagnosis and management.


    — CEED Injury Rehab


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